Adventure Is Out There

"Adventure is out there!" - Ellie Fredrickson, from the Pixar film 'Up'


Just like Ellie from the beloved, by me at least, Pixar movie 'Up' I find that there is indeed adventure out there.

Welcome to a new beginning, for me, and hopefully for you as you join me. I will be posting biographical blurbs and writing down adventures as they come to me. On this blog, there is going to be a number of things that are difficult to be found elsewhere: you'll find rhetorical and philosophical investigations that seek to find meaning in a difficult time, you'll find narrative bits that I hope evoke positive feelings, and you'll find exaltation. The last is to be defined as: an extreme state of happiness.

I hope to have this beginning be one of beginnings, where people will continually tune in and read, where people find some semblance of meaning in my, at times, chaotic life, and where people find a bit of re-enchantment about their own lands.


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