A Story to Experience

Several are the days of autumn and age.

A man sits with books piled around him, and as he turns the corner of a particular page he pauses. A corpuscle sticks to the wall next to him and then comes undone, falling to the floor.

He sighs heavily, as a bird passes by the window that is letting a small amount of light into his room whereby we find him studying.

"Leave the books, go adventure in life," the last line on the page spoke to him.

The man, whose name is Jacob, tries to dismiss the impression that sticks with him left from the words inscribed on the page by some bygone author. The author who seemingly knew more about Jacob for Jacob's agreeing with the author's text.

"Get out of the books" the wind whispered to him and his corpuscle. "Go see the ocean, the waves, and forget the magic laying in our page."

The book continues. "You have story to experience."

You have a story to experience.

You have a story...

You have...story...





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