…Take you around the world

Not quite around the world. I have taken myself many places, and I have met many phenomenal people.

I often forget that the art of magic is one that intermingles the inner and the outer world, and so it’s interesting to remember who you are after nearly a decade of working with it. This is a brief testament to who I am and who I still want to be.

Last night I was having a terrible time, had a few drinks and ended up berating two of my beloved friends because I was on a sick-and-tired tirade of self-pity. I have spent so much of my life working hard and I take little time to truly enjoy things as they are, for what they are.

I like music, calming ambient 528 Hz music that can stop and bring stillness to a situation where magic doesn’t have to touch. I like people and I like kindness. I don’t do television much but can listen to music endlessly. Sometimes upbeat electronica, sometimes lilting celtic-irish melody, sometimes psychedelic rock.

I have to remind myself that there is something in this world that I love, and that this is my little acknowledgement to my family and friends for being that thing that I love so dearly.

I can make communication difficult and am surprised at how well life can be going for me and me not acknowledge it. I have a job that I truly appreciate and while it’s not a bread-winning position it’s a place that I call home, and a happy place with wonderful people.

Here’s to you, everyone. I love you.

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